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  • Running Challenger - Chin Woei Chien

    Chin Woei Chien

    Virtual running events organised by Running Challenger are unique, impressive and what I am hankering for, is like the Holy Grail! Participating their events with affordable price win me a medal and finisher tee, which not making my training for physical event just pour down the drain. Moreover, they are fast-responded and responsible which make them one of the most well-known virtual running organisers in Malaysia.

  • Running Challenger - Suriani Yahya

    Suriani Yahya

    Among the many medals I got from running events, this medal is the most special. The reason why I managed to finish the 300 km running in a year challenge 😊 (Nov 2018-Oct 2019). But most importantly, because I have made a run of 139 km (46 % out of 300 ) in a month 💪. Haha... How can that song become? This is the story...

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